Our Hearts are the “Wellsprings” of our lives. (Proverbs 4:23)

Be mindful of your Heart-health and what you allow into your Hearts.

Sometimes we expose ourselves to Relationships, Unhealthy Thoughts & Circumstances that do not add to us …. they only “take away” from us.

Learn how to be a better Steward of You! & BE Cautious of the hurts and pain that are simply “Unnecessary”.

This will require You to change and even consciously remove / reposition some folks in your lives.

Remember, many things in your beautiful life flow from your Heart ……………..***¿¿!
Handle With Care!!

Seek The Kingdom First!

A Message to My Single Folks: Have you ever found yourself seeking marriage and your future spouse as an answer to life’s challenges? Well, I have done this quite often. The fact is however that God is where “True Fulfillment” is found. His Word says to Seek ye first the Kingdom of God …. Matthew 6:33 …. all these things will be added …

This has been a journey for me and it has not always been easy. Season of Preparation is a resource to help to encourage you along the way. Please share your comments/ questions. You can also send me private prayer requests directly on Facebook or via email at seasonofpreparation@gmail.com.

I am so grateful for my Sisters and Brothers in Christ who have been apart of this Season of Preparation for me. Learning to Seek the Kingdom is a principle that All Believers, whether Single or Married, must Embrace.

A Lesson We Can Learn From Adam

Sometimes we can overlook Adam as someone to learn lessons from …. yeah, yeah, I know … He and Eve are the reason we have this Sin issue in the first place! Lol

But a point that came to my mind earlier today is the process Adam went through prior to God bringing Eve to him.

See, in Genesis 2:21, the Bible states,

“So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh.”

I believe The KEY point is that the Lord caused Adam to fall into a Deep sleep! I don’t see where God asked Adam for His approval – lol.

“God” brought Eve, Adam recognized her as wife, and Eve was Ready to accept Adam as her husband. (End of discussion).

Does God need to cause You to Fall Into a Deep Sleep in this process?!?

How frequently do you put your hands, opinions, thoughts, likes /dislikes, flesh etc. into the process of God bringing your mate?

The People God Uses ….

The People Who God Uses ….

There are many people who have been used to teach me things throughout life. I had a boss once who was super picky about Everything, BUT, I learned the importance of detail and operating in excellence from her. Although I was oftentimes irritated by the boss, my time with her has proven to be a Blessing!

I am going to take some time to look back upon these subtle blessings from people that have impacted me …. What did I learn? How did this person help to prepare me for my future and purpose?

Are there people who God has used to help to prepare you?

The Man You Want To Date … Continued

As we reflect on the characteristics of the man you want to date, let’s take a look at a couple characteristics of Boaz in Ruth 3 as he interacts with his future wife, Ruth!

#1.  He was a provider

He was a provider, a relative of Naomi and could be the kinsman redeemer for Ruth. (verses 1-9, 15)

#2.  He spoke words of blessings, kindness and comfort 

He spoke words of blessings and kindness over Ruth (verse 10-11)

#3.  He was honest, communicated in a straight forward manner

He was honest with Ruth about being her kinsman but that there was a man nearer than he was (verse 12-13)

#4.  He honored and respected Ruth

He wanted to make sure no one saw her leaving the threshing floor at night. (verse 14).

The Man You Want To Date ….

While thinking through the topic Dating and talking to men and women regarding their perspectives .. A question came to mind ….


What Are Some Characteristics of  “The Man” you want to date?


These Characteristics can be used as Standards for what women should look for in their Man & as Standards of who men should seek to become.





Dating …… Hmmmm


What does this topic bring to your mind? ……

  • Exclusive / Casual
  • Fun / Fear
  • Love / Lust
  • Rules / No Rules

This is a topic that we All can take into so many directions!

Lord Help Us!